The SIGRE symbol

cita All packaging of medicines marketed through pharmacies in Spain bears the SIGRE symbol to inform the public that the product is part of this integrated management system

The SIGRE symbol is authorised by the Spanish Medicines and Healthcare Products Agency (AEMPS in its Spanish initials) and the European Medicines Agency (EMA). By placing the SIGRE symbol on their labels, pharmaceutical companies comply fully with healthcare and environmental regulations.

The SIGRE symbol lets the public know exactly where to dispose of the packaging and leftover medicines generated in the home: The pharmacy’s Punto SIGRE point.


el-simbolo-sigre-iconos-1    Prescription medicine.

el-simbolo-sigre-iconos-2    Psychotropic prescription (1)

el-simbolo-sigre-iconos-3    Radioactive Material.

el-simbolo-sigre-iconos-4    Special conditions for cold storage.

el-simbolo-sigre-iconos-5    SIGRE symbol.

el-simbolo-sigre-iconos-6    Photosensitivity.

el-simbolo-sigre-iconos-7    Driving.

el-simbolo-sigre-iconos-8    Psychotropic Prescription (2)

el-simbolo-sigre-iconos-9    Prescription for narcotic drugs.

el-simbolo-sigre-iconos-10    Shelf life less than 5 years.

el-simbolo-sigre-iconos-11    Oxidising medical gas.

Prescription medicine
ECM: Medicines under special medical supervision.
MFP: Advertised Pharmaceutical Medicine.
H: Medicines in hospital use.
TLD: Long-term treatment (renewable dispensation).
DH: Hospital diagnosis.
(1) Psychotropic (Annex II of Royal Decree 2829/1977)
(2) Psychotropic (Annex II of Royal Decree 2829/1977)