Environmental Tips

cita Placing expired or unused medicines in the Punto SIGRE ensures that these medicines will receive the appropriate environmental waste treatment

IMG_8219_puntosigreWe can all promote more sustainable and respectful attitudes to the environment

Medicines that are no longer needed or have expired must be deposited at the pharmacy’s Punto SIGRE. That way we can make sure that this waste receives the proper environmental treatment.

Recyclable materials from packaging are separated for delivery to specialised recycling bodies, while leftover medicines and packaging that cannot be recycled are sent to authorised waste managers for controlled disposal or energy recovery, depending on whether they are classified as hazardous or non-hazardous waste in the European Waste Catalogue.


  • Recycling saves energy and prevents pollution by avoiding the extraction and processing of virgin materials.
  • Thanks to recycling the cardboard from paper packaging and the medicinal leaflets that SIGRE has managed in the last ten years of its activity, we have managed to:
    • Save 126 million kwh, equivalent to the energy consumed by 38,800 Spanish households in a year.
    • Prevent the emission of 42,000 tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.
  • Contribute significantly to achieving sustainable development.
  • Decrease the volume of municipal waste.
  • Create jobs.


  • Allows for smaller waste tips, thereby reducing their environmental impact.
  • Makes it possible to recover the energy contained in urban waste to generate heat and/or electricity.
  • Saves in the consumption of fossil fuels.

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