Through the network of pharmacies, members of the public have access to a Punto SIGRE nearby in which they can dispose of leftover medicines in a convenient and safe way.

By signing up to the SIGRE programme, pharmacists play an essential role by informing, spreading the word and encouraging members of the public to deposit packaging and leftover medicines that are no longer needed or are past their shelf life in the white container at the pharmacy.

Pharmacies are represented in SIGRE by the National Federation of Pharmacists, which is an umbrella body for the provincial and regional associations of pharmacists in Spain.

All participating pharmacies have a sign that identifies them as Punto SIGRE information and medicine collection points.
By promoting the responsible use of medicines and helping to properly close their life cycle, pharmacists are playing a particularly important role:

  • They provide the public with a conveniently situated point for dropping off waste medicines, near to home.
  • They ensures the control and custody of the waste.
  • They extend their usual task of advice to the consumer on the use and consumption of medicines by providing a new environmental service to society.