Image of the Sigrelandia virtual city

Image of the Sigrelandia virtual city

Sigrelandia is an educational website that recreates a virtual city, where users follow the life cycle of the medicine and learn the importance of responsible use, in terms of health and the environment.

Especially designed for pupils in the top years of primary school, takes children through a series of scenarios, with the guidance of a teacher: a laboratory, a health centre, a pharmacy, a home and a recycling plant.

In each of these, a character provides simple practical advice on medical treatment, checking the medicine cabinet or how to use the pharmacy’s Punto SIGRE.

In each scenario, pupils have to complete a game, which teaches them in a fun way how important it is to take care of the environment.
Sigrelandia is written and voiced over in Spanish and in English, therefore it is also a good resource for primary school areas such as “natural and social science”, “citizenship” or “English”.

Sigrelandia has been designed following the advice of Dr. Gonzalo Jover, Professor of Communication Theory at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, and is part of the “Caring for Our World Project”, launched by SIGRE in conjunction with the Universidad Complutense in Madrid.



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