Working through SIGRE, the pharmaceutical industry shows its commitment to sustainable development, correctly closing the life cycle of the medicine and promoting an environmental culture and a more responsible use of medicines among members of the public.

SIGRE‘s activity affects the many stakeholder groups involved in continuously improving the system: employees, attached laboratories, pharmacists, suppliers, the public health and nursing sector, public administrations, the media and society as a whole.

Below are some of the guidelines followed by SIGRE to act responsibly with the stakeholders that interact with the organisation:

  • EMPLOYEES: Stable employment, training and awareness-raising, social benefits, commitment to reconciling work and personal life, and non-discriminatory practices.

  • PARTICIPATING LABORATORIES: Transparent management, compliance with environmental and health regulations in force, development and monitoring of prevention business plans and ongoing training and information.

  • PHARMACEUTICAL PROFESSIONALS: Image campaigns, training, environmental advice and support in providing information and fostering public awareness.

  • SUPPLIERS: Meeting deadlines and obligations, forging strategic alliances, demanding environmental requirements and evaluation, proximity, visibility and accessibility.

  • PUBLIC HEALTH AND NURSING SECTOR: Participation in campaigns on responsible use of medication, environmental and health advice and support and cooperation in information and awareness-raising among patients.

  • PUBLIC ADMINISTRATIONS: Consistent and accurate information, participation in public awareness-raising campaigns and extending commitments beyond compliance with environmental, company and labour legislation.

  • MEDIA: Transparency of information in results and activities.

  • SOCIETY: Ethical and sustainable behaviour, clear and comprehensive information, and excellence in the work of social and health education services.