CSR report

SIGRE produces its annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report in accordance with the international standards of the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), which is the leading global benchmark in sustainability reporting.

These executive documents aim to be the main vehicle through which all stakeholders can learn and assess the degree of SIGRE’s environmental, social and economic performance as the pharmaceutical sector’s Integrated Management System.
These reports:

  • Provide a balanced and fair view of SIGRE’s performance in terms of sustainability.
  • Provide relevant information to readers, in line with our ongoing commitment to honest, open and transparent dialogue.
  • Are checked by the GRI to determine whether they comply with the specifications associated with self-reporting by SIGRE as regards profile, approaches and performance indicators.
  • Are published in digital format with a brief executive summary, to preserve natural resources.
  • Provide an attractive and simple design that is easy to follow.
  • Are open to dialogue through questionnaires that allow readers to make complaints, comments or suggestions or to request additional information about its contents.

Social Responsibility Report 2018

Social Responsibility Report 2017

Social Responsibility Report 2016

Social Responsibility Report 2015

Social Responsibility Report 2014