cita The communication campaigns that SIGRE organises are supervised by regional environmental authorities and supported by health authorities, in addition to the collaboration of the various stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector: Industry, distribution network and pharmacies


GRA´FICA GENERICO 50x70 OKIn November 2013, SIGRE launched a new campaign entitled “What would nature do without you?” to raise public awareness about the health and environmental importance of properly disposing of leftover medicines and their packaging through the Punto SIGRE at the pharmacy. Members of the public are the main target of these communication drives, since they are tasked with depositing containers and leftover medicines in the pharmacy’s Punto SIGRE, ensuring that they receive proper environmental treatment.


SIGRE also organises campaigns aimed at more specific audiences:
Public health and nursing sector: The Public health and nursing sector plays a key advisory role in the work SIGRE does to encourage a more responsible use of medicines.

Their work in educating patients about the correct way to dispose of expired or unneeded medicines is paramount, and various actions have been launched to involve these professionals in the environmental and health benefits provided by SIGRE’s activity.

Educational sector: Proper training in our schools and universities can help students, who are the professionals of the future, to become aware of the main challenges facing humanity today, one of the most important of which is actively defending the environment.

SIGRE is aware of the enormous value of education as a the driving force of any society and is therefore firmly committed to ongoing cooperation with schools in an effort to foster a culture of recycling medicines by providing information materials, conferences, lectures and other communication tools, such as the Sigrelandia website.

SIGRE pitches its message according to educational levels, providing more or less detail depending on the age of the students, to highlight the environmental and health importance of properly disposing of waste medicines.